“My artistic process intends to order chaos through the crescendo of intense, vibrant acrylic mediums and render them into a custom signature possessing a cathedral-echoing residual energy.”


Upon beginning this artistic pilgrimage, many of the serendipitous sequences of events that offered repetitive callings to me went unanswered because of my inability to recognize them. Modest in its conception, Personally Yours began as a joyful pastime in my gap year before continuing my studies in academia. My primary focus in my intellectual pursuits concentrated on attention to detail within the inner workings of the human mind, critical thinking about the influences of perspective, and the connections bridged by language. These concentrations trickled down into my creative well to form a complementary exchange of interpretation, imagination, and innovation.

As a novice painter studying in the shadows of the timeless greats, I envisioned myself as a meticulous artisan seeking to synthesize efforts of the visionary and the critic to become an interpreter. Speaking on the critic’s role in relation to the artist, Oscar Wilde reasoned, “The critic will certainly be an interpreter […] and will look upon Art as a goddess whose mystery it is his province to intensify.” In my experience, the interpreter lends fresh eyes and methods of communication to offer insight on the ramifications of another’s happenings. By engaging in meticulous and extensive studies of iconic and unsung works of imperishably respected predecessors, I began to connect with my own panache signature as a painter through visions and revisions.

Operating in my newfound spirit of growing where planted, my departure from previous learning environments allowed me the freedom to explore foreign terrain and awaken inner direction. I gravitated towards the homegrown Tuscaloosa art community upholding a sturdy local backbone and found a cradle of inspired mentors, idealists, and dreamers offering warmth and depth to my undefined endeavor.


Beginning an extensive harvest of home furnishings, I intended to prove resourceful while using my artistic license to re-purpose, retouch, and rejuvenate salvageable treasure. Restoring new life to gently used pieces developed into a philosophy of recognizing the underlying beauty of layers—the potential—of the poignantly arbitrary, the discarded, and the mundane.

My artistic process intends to order chaos through the crescendo of intense, vibrant mediums and render them into a custom signature possessing a cathedral-echoing residual energy unique in its form. Enjoying my novel sense of fulfillment crafting custom furniture—the fruit of my labor—in a world overwhelmed by mass production, my creative pursuits evolved as my gap year stretched into an additional year.  My artistic advancement encouraged me to expand my breadth from strictly interpretative works in favor of creating original work. Gaining steady momentum and awareness from my community, the most exciting part of my business became the collaborative exchange of personalized meaning—yours and mine.

Listening to my clients’ stories of yesterday’s cherished memories of home décor helped me transcend the last of my internal reservations of identifying as an artist despite my comprehensive study. Connecting with people and the surfaces they shared with me for my artistic process became a uniquely rewarding exchange. Moreover, this trade reconfigured my conception of art for art’s sake as I sought to awaken their personal visions to bring a warm personal touch to their home.
I am most grateful for your interest and for your consideration!

Personally Yours,



DCI Gallery – "Beyond the Boundary"– (Memphis, TN)

O'Connor Art Studios(Tuscaloosa, AL)

Memphis Int'l Airport – "Memphis' Music, Sights, and Sounds" (Memphis, TN)

Memphis Jewish Home - "Home Is Where the Art Is"  (Memphis, TN)


44th Annual Kentuck Festival of the Arts (Tuscaloosa, AL – October 2015)

CukoRakko Music & Arts Festival (Steele, AL – May 2016) 

45th Annual Kentuck Festival of the Arts (Tuscaloosa, AL – October 2016)

7th Annual Monster Makeover & Festival (Tuscaloosa, AL – October 2016)

9th Annual Israel Festival (Memphis, TN – November 2016)

Hotty Toddy Holiday Marketplace (Oxford, MS – December 2016)


Twice as Nice – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

DCI Gallery –  Memphis, Tennessee

Décor Design Center Furniture & Accessories – Pensacola, Florida