Sydney Gruber

Sydney is a full-time resident artist working out of Kentuck Art Center & Museum in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Enjoying her role in this modern day art renaissance, it has been her privilege to engage in her craft with an anchor of local creatives and enthusiasts to perpetuate the arts in the community.

Sydney's work embodies the philosophy of life in color and exploring the miraculous flow state through medium and meditation. Through vision and revision, her artistic endeavors crafted a personal panache signature. With organized chaos and captured energy, Sydney invites you into her world of motion and emotion through the mirror of art and hopes to bring a warm personal touch to your space.

As a devoted learner and student of life, the Memphis native seeks herself through enriching experiences and explores the relationship of releasing the internal into the external as well as the process of finding and losing oneself. When she is not creating in her Alabama studio, Sydney can be found traveling in the art festival circuit, developing new representation, or seeking collaborations with her community or other creatives.

Sydney Gruber
Follow Your Bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.
— Joseph Campbell


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