A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Upon beginning this artistic pilgrimage, my primary focus in my intellectual pursuits concentrated on attention to detail within the inner workings of the human mind, critical thinking about the influences of perspective, and the connections bridged by language. These concentrations trickled down into my creative well to form a complementary exchange of interpretation, imagination, and innovation.

My departure from previous learning environments granted me new freedom to explore foreign terrain and awaken inner direction as art expresses something language cannot. I gravitated towards the creatives of the Alabama art community upholding a sturdy local backbone. In Tuscaloosa, I found a cradle of inspired mentors, idealists, and dreamers offering direction and depth to my endeavor. 

Beginning an extensive harvest of home furnishings, I used my artistic license to re-purpose, retouch, and rejuvenate salvageable treasure. Restoring new life to pieces with richly imagined histories developed into a philosophy of recognizing the underlying beauty of layers—the potential—of the poignantly arbitrary, the discarded, and the mundane. Immersing myself in this newfound perspective, the alchemy artist emerged and my creative pursuits evolved. I began to connect with my own panache signature as an artist through visions and revisions and commenced experimentally moving my style to different mediums.



My artistic process intends to order chaos through the crescendo of intense, vibrant mediums and render them into a custom signature possessing a cathedral-echoing residual energy. Connecting with people and the surfaces they share with me becomes a uniquely rewarding exchange. Moreover, this trade lends to my practice of alchemy art by awakening their personal visions for their home so I might create what they seek. By spending my days doing what I love, I have found the most exciting part of my business to be the collaborative exchange of personalized meaning—yours and mine.

My role as a practitioner of enrichment artistry has guided me in my own odyssey of recapturing and refining my perspective. I strive to match reason with passion and to strike the balance between living like the salt of the earth and sucking the nectar out of life. In my own meandering experience as a devout student of behavior and art, I have found the values and ethos within both disciplines to have a mutually beneficial reciprocity. It has been my fortune to fashion this artful practice into my everyday inquiry by seeking answers to questions I hope never to cease asking. Now—Follow Your Bliss.